What’s Your Story?

Do you know that you are the most gifted actor to ever exist? You play the roles and speak the scripts flawlessly, as if it was your real life!

Do you also know that you are writer of the scripts and the director of the play of your life, in which you flawlessly act every day? Well, you are!

You see, William Shakespeare was right. All the world is a stage and we are merely players. But the deeper truth is that we are the playwright, constantly creating the life we live through the story we craft in our minds about who we are, what we are capable of doing and becoming, and how other people will, or should, play their parts in the play.

Another truth is this: the circumstances of your life, and, certainly, the attitude with which you play your part, is largely the result of the story you have been telling yourself. Very often, we get caught up in our story of pain, loss, and suffering in our past, which causes us to tell a similar story of our future. This is not a story that serves you well.

If that truth is bad news to you, here is some good news: you are the author of your story, which drives your behaviors and decisions, which produce your outcomes. If you are unhappy with the way your story is playing out, you can, quite literally, write a new story with a new plot and a new role for you to play.

I have been given two very specific gifts which, when I use them, cause me to feel more alive than when I do anything else. Those gifts are writing and speaking to people about their lives and businesses (coaching). When I combine those gifts, I am able to help people dramatically rewrite the story of their lives and assist them in living that new story.

My gift is the ability to help you “ReStory” you!

If you have an inner-knowing that you are not living the best life you are capable of living, it is, most likely, the result of your inner-dialogue–i.e., your story.

I have created a 2-day workshop called “ReStory YOU!” in which I will work with you and give you the knowledge and tools necessary for you to start writing a new story for your life–a life full of meaning, purpose, fulfillment, and fun!

The first ReStory YOU! workshop will be held in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, on October 28-29, 2016.

When you make the decision to invest in your personal development, growth, and fulfillment, you not only improve your own life, but you improve the lives of everyone around you!

To learn more and to reserve your spot at this life-changing event, click here.



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