Bruce Van Horn: Speaker

Bruce Van Horn is an international bestselling author, creative thought leader, influencer, coach, and inspirational speaker. Bruce believes he was placed on this planet and gifted to use words to positively change the world.

Whether he’s speaking in an intimate setting to 5 people, in an auditorium filled with hundreds, or speaking to hundreds of thousands through his hugely popular “Life Is A Marathon” podcast, Bruce’s sincere desire is to teach and empower you to become the fullest expression of who you were created to be.

Bruce is a worldwide influencer. People around the world respect Bruce for his insight and wisdom, and his ability to communicate love and enthusiasm in everything he does. Bruce is followed by over 535K people on Twitter. He is consistently one of the most ReTweeted people on Twitter and is followed by many Fortune 100 companies, major brands, professional athletes, and pop music icons—view a partial list here. His podcast is consistently listed in the Top 5% of all podcasts on iTunes and is heard in over 210 countries! His book, Worry No More!, hit the Bestsellers list in ALL of Amazon’s international markets, and has helped countless people overcome worry and create joy in their lives.

Bruce understands pain, loss, and hardship. His personal story of how he has not just survived, but conquered his obstacles and fears—including Stage 4 cancer—is a story you must hear. Many have been moved and inspired!

Here’s what a few people have said:

Bruce is a talented and impactful communicator. His address was the highest rated of the year. People appreciated his deep authenticity, clear honesty and genuine intent to share his story to inspire and help others. I highly recommend Bruce as a speaker; your audience will leave the session inspired and appreciative. We had 50 people attend his speech, which we recorded, and hundreds more have watched it from our internal online university. As one of our employees said, “Bruce . . . gets it, and knows how to share it with others.”

Daniel Porter, Asurion LLC, Sterling, VA

Bruce was our guest speaker on the Caribbean Run For Fun Cruise in February of 2015 and 2016. I can’t speak highly enough of the messages Bruce brought to our group. His engagement, down to earth personality, and outlook on life after so many hardships was uplifting to the entire contingent of runners. I would recommend Bruce Van Horn to speak at any function to parlay his message of “Life is a Marathon so lets train for it!”

Craig Newton, Founder, Run for Fun Cruise Tours Inc.

With a motto like, “Life is a marathon, so let’s train for it!” this podcast is sure to keep you motivated all year round. Its host, Bruce Van Horn, covers a variety of topics like self-esteem, personal development, personal branding and positive thinking. Van Horn shares important information, life hacks and stories aimed to motivate and inspire listeners and to help them live life to the fullest.

Rose Leadem, Entrepreneur Magazine

Bruce Van Horn understands the new world of engagement better than anyone I know. He is constantly uplifting and coaching others. He is always available, helping others get over their plateaus, and move to the next level. Bruce will help take “can’t” out of your vocabulary and replace it with “can.” He constantly puts out value into the world which makes the world a much better place.

JB Glossinger MBA, PhD, Author, CEO & Founder of

Follow Bruce’s sage advice and, while life will still have its hills, you’ll now begin to navigate them with confidence and joy. The result will be a life filled with peace, gratitude, and a sense of happiness you may not have even realized was so possible to experience.

Bob Burg, Coauthor of the bestselling book The Go-Giver

Bruce Van Horn shares his wisdom, experiences, and insights to deliver a message that inspires and empowers anyone who is ready to live their life to its greatest potential.

Dr. Steve Maraboli, Bestselling Author and Behavioral Scientist

I attended Bruce’s “Transform Your Life” weekend retreat and it did exactly that–it transformed my life! I learned more about myself than I ever expected. Bruce helped me realize how it was only my thoughts/beliefs that were holding me back from living my fullest life, not other people or circumstances. I left with a new mindset and practical tools to start living MY life. I highly recommend everyone attend one of Bruce’s events!

Desiree W., Virginia

For more testimonials by people who’s lives have been impacted by Bruce’s speaking, visit the Testimonials page of his Life Is A Marathon Podcast

Presentation Snippets:


Potential Keynote/Workshop Topics:

  • An Invitation to the Party – Your excitement (or lack thereof) about the future directly impacts your performance in the present.
  • Life is a Marathon, So Let’s Train for It! – Bruce share’s his personal journey to overcome failures and tragedies, to rise out of victim thinking, to stop looking for immediate gratification, and to start living a purposeful, joyful life with a resiliency mindset. A highly inspirational talk appropriate for everyone from students, athletes, to corporate executives.
  • ReStory YOU! – The thoughts we think become the story we tell ourselves, 24/7, about who we are, what we are capable of becoming, how others should or shouldn’t treat us. It’s easy to start telling ourselves a story that doesn’t serve us well and holds us back from living the fullest life possible. It is possible to change the narrative. It is possible to ReStory your life.
  • Victim to Victor – You are 100% responsible for the thoughts you think, and you are 100% “response-able” to think thoughts that empower you to set yourself free from victim thinking.
  • E + R = O – It is not just the Events that happen to you that determine your Outcome. It is how you Respond to those Events. This formula is the key to emotional freedom and a foundational success principle.
  • Worry No More! 4 Steps to Stop Worrying and Start Living – A presentation based on the 4 key principles from my bestselling book by the same title.
  • Everyone is Self-Employed! – No matter who signs your paycheck, you always represent your personal brand and everyone is a consumer of your products and services.
  • Job Interviewing 101 – What they don’t teach you in school about how to get hired!
  • You are Already Living Your Dream Life! – How to get amazing clarity about what you really want from life and start living it.
  • Success Principles – Success leaves clues and successful people live by a predictable set of principles, beliefs, and values. What are they and how do we integrate them into our lives?
  • Relationships and Engagement – Nobody becomes successful alone. We must master the art of creating and maintaining meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships to become successful in all areas of life.
  • Using Social Media to Attract and Engage Raving Fans – You don’t want satisfied customers. You want raving fans and enthusiastic ambassadors for your brand! Leverage social media to create meaningful relationships with your brand.

Additional topics include:

  • Books / Writing / Self-Publishing
  • Cancer
  • Career Coaching
  • Communication
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Faith / Spirituality
  • Family / Parenting
  • Job Searching
  • Leadership
  • Life Design / Life Planning
  • Marketing
  • Men’s Issues
  • Mindfulness
  • Motivation/Inspiration
  • Overcoming Challenges
  • Personal and Corporate Branding
  • Personal Development / Transformation
  • Personality Types/Profiles
  • Positive Thinking / Mindset
  • Resiliency Mindset
  • Sales / Sales Training
  • Small Business
  • Soul Purpose
  • Stress / Worry Management
  • Team Building
  • Vision / Purpose / Mission Statement Creation
  • and many more!

Bruce is available to speak for groups of all sizes. Keynotes, presentations, seminars, workshops, and retreats. He will work directly with you to customize the topics specific to your audience, to create the results and experiences you desire.

To connect with Bruce about speaking opportunities, please contact him here.