Rest is Creative

Are you someone who has difficulty simply relaxing and doing nothing?

When was the last time you took a nap or just had fun?

Do you feel uncomfortable with silence?

I am a guy who has lived most of my life constantly having something going on in my brain. I’m either thinking about the things I need to do, or I’m constantly listening to audiobooks where I’m gaining more insight and knowledge about various things. I am not someone who is comfortable with relaxing, just like many others. In fact, nowadays even though there are so many ways to try and improve this, whether that’s with meditation, therapy, or the use of cannabis products (such as thc resin and many more), I still struggle to let my head empty of thoughts and just relax.

So I usually have something going on in my head, and I used to be one of these people who felt completely uncomfortable in silence.

But now I cherish it! I’ve actually learned to crave silence.

I learned that if I don’t give my brain enough space and allow my mind to settle down, I tend to reach periods where I plateau. However, when I actively create space in my life for rest, I gain so much more insight into my life and in my relationships. I become more creative and come up with new ways of conducting my business, or coming up with fresh ideas for books.

So my message for you today is this: Rest is an intentional act of creation!

Rest is not the absence of being busy, nor the absence of doing work. Rest is actually an active process.

Rest is something that you DO. It is not something that you allow or something that happens to you.

The definition of relax is “to make or become less tense or anxious.” Did you read that? “Relax” is an ACTION. It is an active process.

I want to feel like I’m always in the process of growing and learning, and becoming more of who I was created to be. So what I had to do was to shift my mindset around this idea of rest and just relaxing. Relaxing is an extremely vital part of the becoming process. It is crutial to the growth process within me–and within you, too!

Pay attention to your body. If you’ve plateaued on any level of your life, it could just be that you’re not taking time to simply relax. Our bodies and minds grow and become stronger when we rest.

We must, indeed, create space in our lives for rest or relaxation or recreation.

Resting is an ACTIVE CHOICE. So give yourself the gift of REST. Give yourself SPACE to be creative again.

I talk about this more in detail on my Life Is A Marathon podcast.

One Response to Rest is Creative

  1. Rigor McCakeren February 14, 2017 at 10:07 PM #

    Mr. Bruce thank you so very much for this post!

    I happen to be thinking quite too much and running into this just gave me an insight of what’s missing in my personal life.
    I will be writing a blog post similar to this and I won’t forget to link your site so we can help more people be aware of this.

    Thanks again! Have a blessed day!