You Have Ideas that Can Change the World!

How many times per day do you think of something that would make your life, or the lives of others, easier?

You might be at work, or in the kitchen, when the idea to invent something to make some task easier pops into your head.

You might be driving or out for a walk, when you think of the perfect thing to say to someone that could completely change their life or your relationship.

You might be in the shower humming a tune that makes you feel good, yet you are sure you’ve never heard it before…

Every day, you have creative ideas that could change your life and the lives of millions of people, yet you do not act on them to bring them into reality.

There are many reasons we don’t act on these ideas, but most of them boil down to our limiting beliefs about our ability to do it, or the fact that we are do busy and/or complacent with the mundane to spend any time doing something amazing.

Think about this truth: everything you see around you, everything you use, everything you wear… everything started as an idea that popped into somebody’s mind. The only difference between that person’s idea and your ideas is the action that person took to make it a reality.

It doesn’t mean the other people didn’t have the same fears or limiting beliefs as you. It simply means they stepped forward, through the doubts, and took action to create it.

At the time Steve Jobs told his engineers about his idea for the iPhone, they told him many of the technologies needed to create his imaginary device did not exist. He told them to make them exist. He told them, “if I can imagine it, it can be created!”

I believe every idea we have–whether it is to create a product, compose a song, or have a conversation with someone–comes into our consciousness because it is calling to us from our innate ability to bring it into present reality.

Please do yourself, me, and the entire world a favor. Act on as many of your creative ideas as you can. Now!

You have creative ideas that could change your life and the lives of millions of people!


You can listen to me talk more about this on my Life Is A Marathon podcast.

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