How is Your Vision?

I want to ask you this question: How is your vision?

Have you had it checked recently?

Of course that’s a trick question. Of course it’s a play on words. There is a very real difference between sight and vision; between that which you see with your eyes and that which you see with your heart and your soul.

So let me ask you the question again: How is your vision?

Sight is, indeed, what we see with our eyes and perceive with our physical senses. Sight has to do with the physical reality of what you’re seeing and experiencing in this moment.

Vision is a completely different idea. Vision is what you see, feel, and believe with your heart, with your soul, and with your very essence. It has more to do with the future than it does with the present. It has to do more with what you are becoming than what you are.

Vision has to do with the things that you want to have, experience, and express in the world. It has to do with the way you see yourself growing and manifesting all the potential that you have within you.

Your vision for who and what you want to be, and what you want to experience, also includes how other people are going to benefit from who you are going to become. Your life directly impacts the lives of other people.

Maybe the impact will just be on your immediate family and friends, but here’s the truth: how you impact and influence those around you literally influences the entire world for generations and generations!

Lasting transformation is always going to be driven by your beliefs.

You will not be able to go through the difficult times right now if you do not have a vision for the future that is filled with hope, love, abundance, and things that make you excited.

If you are feeling like there is absolutely no point to what it is that you’re doing, it really has nothing to do with what you’re doing. It has everything to do with what you’re thinking. And it has everything to do with what your vision is for your future.

What we believe about the future directly impacts the actions that we will take today. So cultivate your vision. Exercise your vision. Practice your vision. Develop the endurance that you need to get you through the difficult times.

Don’t get caught up in the dreaded “hows”!

I might have a vision for who I want to be and the things I want to achieve in 10 years, but I may not be able to figure out how I’m going do that in this moment. There is a temptation to just give up and say, “Well, because I can’t figure out how I’m going to make that happen, what’s the point in even trying.”

That’s what I call “the dreaded hows.” It’s not your job to figure out the “hows” for 5 years from now. Your job is to do what you can do right now! Take the first step, the first action, make the phone call, write down some notes about who it is you want to become. Talk to somebody about your goals. Verbalize your dreams and visions to other people. This is how it comes into fruition!

I talk more about this on this episode of my Life Is A Marathon podcast.

One Response to How is Your Vision?

  1. Karen Spurlin August 22, 2021 at 10:07 PM #

    I agree absolutely! I have found in my lifetime that my vision first starts from my passion(s) from within myself. This is how I raised four well adjusted, successful sons. I’m looking forward to listening to your podcast.