Your Dreams are Calling. Will You Answer?

Today, your dreams called and said “follow me!”

They called yesterday and the day before that.

They might not call again tomorrow…

Have you ever had people in your life who consistently reached out to you to see if you wanted to do something with them? Dinner, a movie, go for a jog?

You were too busy, or had something else to do, or you were nervous about fitting in, so you made an excuse and declined the invitations.

They kept calling, kept inviting, kept trying to include you in their lives, but you kept making excuses and kept declining their invitations.

Gradually, those people stopped calling and silently slipped out of your life. It’s not that they got angry with you; they just stopped spending energy to draw you into their worlds. They moved on.

Our dreams are the same as these friends.

Our dreams show up in our imaginations, during the quiet moments, or during conversations with people. They say “come on, let’s do this, it will be fun!”

But you’re too busy, afraid you won’t fit in or it won’t be as fun as it sounds, or you are just too comfortable with the status-quo.

Your dreams will keep calling, keep inviting you to come out and play… for a while.

If you keep saying “no, thank you, not right now” to your dreams, they will gradually stop calling and simply move on to let you stay where you are.

The next time your dreams call, take a deep breath and say “Yes! I’m on my way!”


P.S.: If you could use a little help saying “Yes!” to your dreams, or in helping you clarify what you really want from life, I’m inviting you to participate in a course I’m teaching called “How to Create Your Dream Life.”

2 thoughts on “Your Dreams are Calling. Will You Answer?

  1. Nazim Rashid

    Our dreams are signs for us to ponder. Inviting more dream experiences will help us figure out what is happening to us and also why certain things are in our life. This is a very good topic to think about and something else to say YES to. Never stop the dreams but invite more of them. They are our friends

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