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Create the Life You Want with The Science of Getting Rich

Published on March 17, 2017

The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D. Wattles, was written with a seemingly archaic language for a society that now seems like ancient history. The prophetic nature of this book makes it timeless and more applicable to this current culture—and to your life—than perhaps it was to those who first read it in 1910.

While Wattles published this book in 1910, I am convinced he wrote this book for future generations and future teachers. Perhaps he wrote it so that I might give it to you.
~ Bruce Van Horn

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Worry No More! 4 Steps to Stop Worrying and Start Living

Published on June 10, 2015, Worry No More! was an International Best Seller, hitting the Best Sellers list in all of Amazon’s international markets!

I know something about you. You are a worrier! You worry about big things, little things, and everything. You wish you could just stop worrying and find peace. I wrote this book for you. I’ve learned and practiced everything in this book to bring peace into my own life. Imagine what you could accomplish by redirecting the mental and physical energy you spend worrying toward creating the life you want! I wrote this book to help you do that. I wrote this book because I love you! ~ Bruce

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You CAN Go The Distance!

You CAN Go the Distance

Published on November 9, 2013

If you’ve ever thought about running a marathon, this book is for You!

If you think you can’t run a marathon, Bruce Van Horn will show you that you CAN go the distance!

If you have “Run a Marathon” on your Bucket List, this is the book you want to read first! With the information and motivation you’ll receive, you will be able to say “I ran a Marathon!”

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