Awakening Workshop

Are you ready to experience your Awakening?

Awakening is the first stage of transformation. It is when you become aware of the potential to live more vibrantly, more abundantly, and more in alignment with your true potential.

In order to bring about a global awakening, a shift in the global consciousness to the higher values of peace and love, we must first make these changes within ourselves.

By attending this workshop and participating in your own Awakening, you create a butterfly effect that positively impacts the lives of those around you and, indeed, the entire world!

What is the Awakening Workshop?

The Awakening workshop is a 2-day interactive workshop designed to literally awaken you to new ways of seeing yourself, others, and the how the Universe works. It will challenge you to examine your paradigms, your beliefs and behaviors that have kept you on “auto-pilot” up to this point in your life, and awaken you to possibilities and potential powers that have been lying dormant within you for your entire life.

Public Awakening Workshop Schedule

Below are the currently schedule Awakening Workshops. Some events are in-person only, while others are offer in-person and virtual attendance options. Click on the links for more details and registration information.