Welcome! I’m Bruce Van Horn and I’m enthusiastic about what I do!

Simply stated, I use words to positively change the world!

I am a writer, speaker, teacher, and coach whose mission in life is to reach, teach, and empower people to live intentionally as the fullest expression of who they were created to be.

What I discovered about myself, and now help others learn about themselves, is we are not living to our fullest potential because of the story we have been narrating in our minds about ourselves, others, and the world in which we live. Most people are telling a story that does not empower them,  nor does it inspire others.

By restorying (yes, that’s a word-play on “restoring”) enthusiasm, purpose, and vision, I help individuals and businesses remove the layers of limiting beliefs, negative messages, and counter-productive behaviors, and replace them with a new mindset that unleashes their true power that has been seeking greater expression in the world.

When you create a clear vision and intentionally live your life based on what makes you come alive, you positively influence everyone around you!

Through my books, podcast, speaking, and coaching, I have helped thousands of people restory their lives. I believe I can help you, your business or ministry, start living as the fullest expression of what you were created to be.

Please make yourself at home and have a look around my site.

If you would like to work with me or have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me!