Pretend it was Supposed to Happen that Way!


Remember when we were kids and we did something embarrassing? Before anyone could tease us about it, we’d say something like: “I meant to do that. I was just being silly!”

Basically, we were pretending that what just happened was supposed to happen that way.

I was thinking about this the other day and it occurred to me that this is a really healthy behavior. It allows us to continue to engage with a positive attitude, rather than getting down on ourselves, or others, because something didn’t turn out like we wanted it to.

No matter how something turns out, pretend like it was supposed to turn out that way!

The more you open yourself up to the possibility that everything in your life has, and always will, happen for your good, the more peace and positive energy you will feel about moving forward into the abundance of life that is already yours.

There is no rejection, there is only protection. There is no failure, there are only teachable moments.

No matter what you have gone through, or are going through now, tell yourself: Life is good! (hint: because it is!)

I talk about this in more detail on my Life Is A Marathon podcast.

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