Increasing Life

In order to grow, you must have a desire for more life. In order for a society to grow and prosper, it must be filled with people who have a desire for more life. Increasing life for yourself is also the best way for you to give an increase of life to those around you. […]

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Be a Lover of Truth!

Do you love Truth? Do you crave it like the tastiest, most nourishing food? Think carefully before you answer. From my own self-examination and from working with many people around the world, my experience is that most of us do not actually love the truth, nor do we really, really want to know the true […]

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Resolve to Feel Good

Many people have made and are trying to keep their New Year’s Resolutions for 2017. They are deciding who they want to be, what they want to look like, how much money they want to have, what health changes they want to make, what weight changes they want to make in their lives, and the […]

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How is Your Vision?

I want to ask you this question: How is your vision? Have you had it checked recently? Of course that’s a trick question. Of course it’s a play on words. There is a very real difference between sight and vision; between that which you see with your eyes and that which you see with your heart and your […]

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