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There’s a reason I have over 530K followers, am followed by over 2,900 Verified accounts—including many top celebrities, athletes, executives, brands, and Fortune 500 companies—and am consistently in the top 2% most ReTweeted people on Twitter. The reason is no secret. It’s because of what I consistently do. I will teach you!

Need some immediate proof? Here’s a short list of some of my VIP Followers

Here’s what a happy student had to say:

I bought this video series because I’ve personally watched @BruceVH grow his audience from nada to a verified account. My favorite part so far is his explanation of personal/business #branding … it inspired my new Twitter handle. – Anna Esther (@HeartOfData)

When I first signed up for Twitter in 2011, I really had no idea how to use it or why I needed it. Now, 7 years later, my life is very different because of the people I have met and built relationships with through Twitter!

Several of my best friends and best business associates started by us following each other on Twitter.

Chances are good that you are one of the 530K+ people who follow and engage with me on Twitter (@BruceVH).

If you don’t already know about me, I am an international bestselling author, highly respected and sought-after speaker and coach. I host one of the most popular spirituality and personal development podcasts on the internet, the “Life is a Marathon” show, which has listeners in over 210 countries. I have a reputation for using my passion for life and my ability to share wisdom and insights to help people create the life, and businesses, of their dreams!

I am the first to admit that a large amount of my success is due to the loyal support and evangelism of my Twitter family. That’s right, family!

While there are many Twitter users who have more followers than I do, very few of them have the level of engagement that I do. I am consistently in the top 2% of the most retweeted people on the site, being retweeted around 3,000 – 5,000 times per day. My Tweets are seen by over 350K people per day!


I am followed by Fortune 100 companies, luxury resorts, marketing firms, television news anchors, professional athletes, rock stars, and actors. And I am included in over 6,700 “who to follow” lists maintained by other Twitter users.

I don’t just have followers. I have fans, ambassadors, and evangelists for what I do!

When I send out a Tweet announcing a new book, blog post, podcast episode, online course, or speaking event, people respond and buy! Twitter has been very profitable for me, and will be for you too!

But it’s not just about money! I have created real friendships through my Twitter family. I have mourned with people who have suffered loss, and celebrated many victories with my followers. When I got my stage-4 cancer diagnosis in 2014, the outpouring of support, advice, encouragement, and prayers from my Twitter “peeps” was a huge part of my victory over cancer!

Would you like to enjoy this type of influence with your audience? You will!

Through the years, I have been approached by hundreds of individuals and businesses to teach them how to “do Twitter” the way I do. In fact, one person studied what I was doing, reached out to me, applied what I taught him, and started a business that is now worth over $4M!

I want you to have the same success I’ve had, so I’ve decided to share with you exactly what and why I do what I do to grow and engage such a large following.

Bruce, you are one of the very few people who does Twitter right. That’s why I follow you!
– an anonymous major news network anchor with over 2M followers.

I’ve put a lot thought and work into this, and am proud to invite you to enroll my online course: “Twitter for Geniuses”

Nobody is a “dummy” and everyone is a genius at something. Now you can become a “Twitter Genius” and use the wisdom and skills I’ll train you to grow an audience who wants to hear your message and promote your brand!

In this 5-module video course, I’ll teach you:

  • Why everyone is a brand and should reach as many people as possible
  • Often overlooked or misunderstood Twitter basics
  • How to create content your audience wants to see
  • Specific, proven methods to gain new, real, followers
  • How to engage and create valuable relationships with your followers
  • How to curate and automate Tweets (and when NOT to!)
  • How to apply these techniques to other social media platforms
  • …and many more valuable branding and marketing techniques

Who is “Twitter for Geniuses” for?

  • Authors, artists, musicians, speakers, teachers
  • Business owners–small and large
  • Ministers and charitable organizations
  • Anyone with a product, service, or message that can improve people’s lives
  • Basically… EVERYONE!

I want to help you be as successful as you can be, so I’ve made this course extremely affordable! If you use Twitter to help you sell a product or service, you can easily 10x+ your return on investment for this training!

Twitter for Geniuses
Enrollment Fee:
ONLY $197!




I am so confident in my ability to teach you how to grow and engage your Twitter family that I am willing to guarantee your success. If, after going through all 5 modules and doing exactly what I teach you in the course for 60 days after the course, you are not happy with your results, I’ll buy the course back from you!