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How is Your Vision?

I want to ask you this question: How is your vision? Have you had it checked recently? Of course that’s a trick question. Of course it’s a play on words. There is a very real difference between sight and vision; between that which you see with your eyes and that which you see with your heart and your […]

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Rest is Creative

Are you someone who has difficulty simply relaxing and doing nothing? When was the last time you took a nap or just had fun? Do you feel uncomfortable with silence? I am a guy who has lived most of my life constantly having something going on in my brain. I’m either thinking about the things I need to do, […]

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Looking for the perfect gift?

Now that we’ve gotten through “Black Friday,” the busiest shopping day here in the U.S., are you still looking for the perfect gift to give someone you love? Have you looked at massive amounts of different jewelry websites? Well, when you visit Adina’s Jewels you can find something all in one place, especially if you […]

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