Go ahead and jump!

Go Ahead and Jump!

Back in February 2014, I wrote a post titled “I Know You’re Scared. Do it Scared! I Know You’re Unsure, Do it Unsure!” Little did I know that, in just two weeks after writing those words, I would face the biggest period of fear and uncertainty in my life.┬áThe phone rang and my doctor told […]

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Core Values: Know Them, Live By Them!

My oldest son recently received a very high honor: His school’s Core Values award. To be recognized as standing out from the crowd, not giving in to peer pressure and living in sync with an established set of core values makes me extremely proud as a father. I want my boys to have core values. […]

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Let’s Get Engaged!

People never lose the ability to dream, we just quit doing it. If that’s you, it’s time to start dreaming again! As children, dreaming about the future life we want to live is something that comes naturally. As we grow and mature, we experience life–hardships, disappointments and pain. Because of these things we stop dreaming. […]

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